By Dean Johnson

I can't believe we dragged ass all the way to Jones Beach and have you noticed how old the crowd is getting at these concerts and yes I've heard all the jokes about the shawls and the shoes and yes she's gained a little weight and did she really hire an assistant to blow coke up her butt

...but then she takes the stage and her presence sends a shiver through my body and the first notes have me covered with goosebumps and she sings rhiannon and I belong to Her

I am lost I am powerless

I am enchanted I am ecstatic

I am humbled I am peaking on the mushrooms I took before the concert and now I am remembering past lives because that always happens when I'm tripping and now I am remembering it was always you...Stevie Nicks?

Oh my God it was always you

in the time before kings in the time before history in the time before the coming of the moon in the time before God the Father our goddess was the mother Earth and it was you who led us through a starlit glade at the base of a mountain on a windswept night it was you who led us over the meadow singing and dancing and drinking and fucking in celebration of the Creator in celebration of creation itself it was always you

in pagan ritual

in roman bacchanal

in ancient Druid rites

on sacred Hopi land

it was always you

leading in the dance

gathering spirits

and pointing the way

pointing the way back

pointing the way

back to the Goddess.

© Copyright 2001 Dean Johnson