Frank Fontana

I'm happy to report that our debut CD

"Natural Jazz -- Live"

is now in production and will be available soon.

It's certainly been a long time in coming, and to those of you who have been waiting, I appreciate your patience.

More details to follow.


"A gentle jazz artist, Fontana phrases lyrics with care."
Barbara and Scott Siegel,

"Fontana is definitely a singer you need to know about and see."
David Hurst, Next Magazine

"The result is tonic -- and I don't just mean in the musical sense."
David Finkle, Back Stage

" infectious smile, an engaging manner, and some
of the smoothest song styling ever to grace a cabaret stage."
Laurie Lawson, Electronic

" unassuming, polished performer with easy patter and a velvety tenor tone.
With these assets, Fontana could well step forward in the lineup of cabaret favorites."
Elizabeth Ahlfors, Cabaret Scenes